Virus and Malware Prevention

While the internet has helped many entrepreneurs setup their own businesses and reach a large number of prospective customers, it also poses great threat to the security of your systems and information if you don’t take necessary security measures to safeguard them.

Anti-malware protection is essential for all businesses; however, it can become a challenging task for a small business to find an affordable plan that offers them comprehensive coverage against viruses, Trojan horses, spyware, and other types of malware.

Swiftech is a trusted provider of anti-virus and malware protection services and solutions to small businesses throughout the Auckland region. We offer you long-term solutions that not only protect your businesses today, but will stay reliable against the cyber threats of tomorrow.

Why Invest in Virus and Malware Protection?

A report published in reveals that 83 percent of small businesses do not have a formal cyber security plan, yet 71 percent of them depend on the internet for their day to day operations. Considering the increased vulnerability of small businesses, cyber criminals have made SMEs the target of their efforts who suffered an average loss of $188,242 due to cyber attacks. Of all the small businesses that experienced a security attack, almost two-thirds were forced out of business within six months of being attacked.

While these statistics may sound intimidating, businesses can easily protect themselves from the potential losses resulting from a cyber security attack by investing in a malware protection plan. At Swiftech, we provide you affordable anti-malware solutions, helping you protect your business in today’s increasing threatening cyber environment.

Here is an overview of the features of our managed malware protection service.

  • Early detection of threats through scheduled scanning of your network
  • Multi-threat detection that includes everything from virus and Trojan horses to worms and spyware
  • No need to invest in expensive antimalware software or hire in-house security staff as we do it all for you

To get detailed information about our managed malware protection service, please call us at 0800 500 083.