Business Start-Up Services

Starting a new business requires a lot of planning. From setting goals and objectives to launching your first product, there are a number of responsibilities that you, as a business owner, will have to fulfil. In such a challenging situation, it’s not uncommon for business owners to neglect the most important aspect of business planning — technology.

From researching for the best available unregistered domain to devising and enforcing workplace technology policies to setup of computers, there are several issues to take care of. The demanding situation can become overwhelming for even the most experienced individuals. Therefore, Swiftech offers you complete business start-up services that cover all the technology-related aspects of setting up a new business.

How We Help Business Start-Ups

While no two business start-ups have same technology needs, there are some common requirements that need to be fulfilled to ensure smooth business operation, such as:

Hardware Purchase – At Swiftech, we help businesses not only make the right purchasing decisions, but also to ensure that they extract optimum value from their IT investment.
Device setup – Our experts help you install and configure computers, printers, and other technology equipment, helping you start your business operations quickly.
Domain Name Registration — We research all the unregistered domains that are related to your business and are likely to drive high search volume, ensure that there are no trademark conflicts, and negotiate to help you get your desired domain at a reasonable price.
Email Setup — To facilitate enterprise-wide communication, we setup an advanced email system that ensures seamless connectivity to your employees. To reduce the costs associated with setting up business-class email, we help you make a swift and easy migration to Office 365.
Website— Once you have set up your own business, we help you find customers by designing a responsive, professional-looking website that attracts and converts visitors.
Virus and Malware Protection – Protect your business against the increasingly destructive viruses and malware with Swiftech’s managed virus and malware protection service.
Cloud Storage – Don’t let a data loss event damage your business’s bottom-line and reputation. Rely on Swiftech’s backup and disaster recovery services.

Apart from these basic services, we offer advanced-level technology support as well, depending on the precise technology needs of our customers. To learn in detail about business start-up services, you can get in touch with us at 0800 500 083 or see our packages below.