Computer and Laptop Repair Services, Auckland

We all understand that computers and laptops are designed to make our work simpler, more enjoyable and how important it is in our everyday lives, work, and pleasure. However, it can also be a constant source of stress when they develop a fault or don’t work the way we expected them to. Sourcing for a technical support company that can fix whatever issue you’re facing as quickly and correctly as possible can be very difficult, which is why we launched Swiftech to handle all the issues you will ever encounter with your computer or laptop both in your home and office, anywhere in Auckland.

Swiftech is a technology company that specializes in giving you comprehensive, fast and affordable support including repairs and maintenance of computers and laptops for home users and businesses. We look after small businesses in Auckland. Our qualified and experienced engineers are experts at diagnosing computer faults and can fix, repair and service your computer or computing devices regardless of whether the fault is hardware or software associated. Computing devices that we can repair include desktop computers, laptops, netbooks, tablets, monitors, motherboards, routers, modems, hard drives (including data recovery), scanners, and most other computing devices.


Computer & Laptop Repairs

For small scale and big businesses to stay connected, it means more communication and more money. Let us help you stay on top of your game by making sure you’re computer or laptops are glitches free.


Onsite repair

Do you always hit your mouse hard on the frustrating and pathetically slow speed of your computer? Or feel like hitting your head on the wall when your PC/laptop restarts by itself? Hold on, it’s never wise to curse than to cure. Your computer needs an expert touch of Swiftech’s technical engineers.

We won’t only repair your devices to restore its speed, but will also make them free of all those obstinate viruses, malware, and worms. Whatever the issue might be, we will provide you with an extensive and complete solution in Auckland for onsite computer repairs and get your computer or laptop up and be running in no time.


Backup of Transfer Data

Do you always worry about the safety of your important files? Let us help you backup and transfer all your important data to a safe location. We will safely keep everything from document to those close-to-the-heart pictures, videos, and music.

Our Services include:

  • Backup data to an external hard drive, CD, DVD or a NAS
  • Backup data to the cloud.

Install or Uninstall Software

Are you looking for trained tech experts to install your software? Look no further! Swiftech will help you install software safely and also uninstall unwanted ones from your computer or laptop. We’ll also show you how to run the updates to help your computer or laptop run as smooth as it should be.


Remote Networking, Wi-Fi and Internet Tech Support

Are you having trouble getting any of your devices such as laptops, PC, Mac, or any other internet-capable device not connecting to the internet? Don’t worry; we’re here to help you! Just think of Swiftech as your personal experts in helping you get connected and stay connected.

At Swiftech, we offer immediate solutions to all your annoying technical issues over the internet. You will never need to haul your desktop, laptop or notebook to the repair shop. Our remote support system can fix most of the problems without a visit to your home or business. Whether it is an email issue or lost data, Swiftech can fix them all for you. So, without having to travel, you can get your computer repaired remotely.


Virus Removal and Cleanup

Has virus, malware, adware or spyware taken the life out of your computer or laptop? We understand how painful and frustrating it can be which is why we will sweep into action and rescue your device from the hands of unwanted virus, malware, spyware and adware that slows you down.

Our Services include:

  • Computer Troubleshooting.
  • We will perform a full-system sweep for all virus, spyware, and malware.
  • Removal of virus, spyware, malware when found.
  • Repair related Operating issues.
  • Installing of recommended antivirus and antispyware software.

Our other unmatched services include

  • Resolving hardware failure, lost data, wireless network setups
  • Hardware and Software Supply – Quote, Purchase, Install and Maintain
  • Custom monthly packages
  • Business start-up services
  • Virus and malware prevention and protection
  • Backup and recovery
Why waste time taking your computers to a repair shop, when you can get personalized quotes and repair services rendered to you right at your doorstep by our experts. We do not only care for your computers, we also work to ensure customer guaranteed satisfaction after our service visit.


Affordable & Reliable Services

Our affordable range of support plans for any type of computer and laptop repair services for both homes and businesses makes us one of the most cost-effective remote tech companies available. At Swiftech we offer quality, fast, reliable, and guaranteed services that are trusted in Auckland.

Experienced and Friendly Customer Representatives

Our fast, experienced and friendly customer support will provide you with the right solution for requirements and challenges in choosing a plan suitable for you.

Same-day Fix Available

If your computer or technical device is damaged or has other repair problems, Swiftech will provide you with technical support service within 24 hours of your request.

Below is what some of our satisfied customers are saying;

‘’The services I received from Swiftech was both efficient and to a high standard. Swiftech were very helpful and easy to communicate with. A job well is done! Says Liz.

According to Carla, ‘‘Helpful, knowledgeable staff that provide great service.’’


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