What is a SSD?

SSDs and HDDs are both storage devices. HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive while SSD stands for Solid State Drive. HDDs are a standard storage option, which is why you’ll find them in most laptops and computer systems. SSDs, basically, function as larger versions of flash drives. However, HDDs are slowly being replaced by SSDs for a diverse range of reasons, which we will look at below

Why You Should Upgrade to an SSD?

Lightning Speeds – Apart from the lack of moving parts, SSDs are 100 times faster than a regular HDD. So, you can access your programs much faster and even run them at improved speeds

Light Weight – SSDs are also lighter than HDDs, which makes your laptop lighter as well, therefore increasing mobility.

Power saving – SSDs consume less power compared to HDDs.

Quick Boot Times – Boot times also tend to be faster with SSDs.

Lower failure Rate – Lastly, SSDs have a much lower failure rate due to no moving parts inside.

How Swiftech Can Help?

If you’re looking for an SSD upgrade, Swiftech has the knowledge and expertise to help you out. We’ll also make sure all your data is backed up safely before commencing the upgrade. You can trust Swiftech to deliver a smooth upgrade. You can get in touch with us at 0800 500 083 or see our packages below