IT Support Services Auckland

At Swiftech, we provide IT services for various aspects of your business or organization. We offer different services to our clients in the areas of support and maintenance for small businesses, a non-profit organization, and sole proprietors in Auckland.

For new business ventures or non-profit organizations, which cannot afford the services of permanent technical staff, our team of IT consultants are available to assist you in taking control of your IT infrastructure as you continue running your business without any stress.

Irrespective of the nature of problems in your business and your choice in solving them, Swiftech has what it takes to fix the problem either remotely or Onsite to get your technology operational again.

Our experienced and professional IT consultants are available to visit your organization if there is a need for an on-site visitation to solve the problem which can be done within the least amount of time


Our Services

Below are our remote and onsite IT support facilities which are suitable in helping you solve your technical issues.

  • Installation of new computers, printers and other useful devices used in IT services
  • Troubleshooting of errors in software
  • Installation and or upgrading of software
  • Repair of laptops and computers
  • The configuration of network equipment such as firewalls, network switches, and routers
  • Removal of malware and viruses from your machines
  • Performing maintenance and putting in preventive measures for your computers
  • Training the users of the equipment on how to use the IT devices
  • Retrieving of data from a damaged hard drive
  • Installation and configuration of your servers Setup and configuration of Servers and NAS for your business and other numerous IT solutions for your company.
  • Quoting and ordering of hardware and software.


IT and Your Organization

The advent of the technology has changed the way small businesses and organizations operate and interact with its various stakeholders which include the investors, suppliers, customers and the employees. It also enables organizations to have a high level of communication. Teleconferencing, Email and internet calling is a part of IT services that allow employees to stay in touch with colleagues around the world.

Being an experienced company, we know that constant communication is crucial in every business. For example, when employees can be able to log in to their company servers from home, and traveling managers can respond to emails or download documents using mobile technologies, it helps businesses stay on top of their game.

If your business venture is in Auckland then you’re in luck. Allow us to help your business grow and have a competitive advantage by ensuring you with the enhanced communication that it needs to run smoothly. Our experts will help set up computers, mobile devices, and other gadgets as well as antivirus software, and run all necessary updates and to ensure you have the latest security patches to keep you up to date and safe.

Swiftech will be happy to assist you in setting up any of your devices. We will also provide you with a maintenance plan which aligns with your business goals because we believe in cutting edge technology and creating solutions that utilize it to move your business to another level.

With many years of experience in IT support, our advance Tech support team has confidently handled many technical problems that many businesses face on daily basis and we will continue to do so.

For computer and mobile device issues, virus removal, updating of software, file transfer, software glitches, internet tissues, Swiftech is your one-stop tech service for all your technical support needs.

Our experienced and highly skilled experts are capable of handling any technical issues. We can provide you with immediate support in all technical area which will boost your business. Call us today and our trained and qualified techs will be at your door as quickly as possible.

Don’t let technical difficulties slow your business down. No matter the size of your business, Swiftech cares about you! We have different affordable plans you can choose from.

If you want to ask questions about these plans or to get a free quote, call us today on 0800 500 083 and our friendly customer representatives are always ready to help you. We look forward to talking with you.