IT Support

Swiftech can offer you the help and guidance you need to resolve IT issues and resume your operations. Depending on the nature of problem and your preferences, our team can fix the problem remotely or visit your site and get your business operational again.
If you need onsite support from a skilled and experienced professional, we will be happy to visit your location as quickly as possible and resolve the issue within the least amount of time.

What Kind of Issues We Can Help You With

While both remote and onsite IT support services are suitable for troubleshooting a wide range of technical issues, we can help you with IT support for the following activities:
•    Installing new computers, printers, and other devices
•    Installing or upgrading software
•    Troubleshooting software errors
•    Configuring network equipment, such as firewalls, network switches, and routers
•    Computer and laptop repairs
•    Removing malware from your machines
•    Performing maintenance and preventive tasks
•    User training for your device
•    Recovering data from your hard drive
•    Installing and configuring Servers and NAS for your business

This is only an overview of our services. To get details, you may call us at 0800 500 083 or use our online contact form.