Basic IT Support

It takes a breadth of knowledge and expertise to identify the technology needs of a business and recommend adequate solutions to fulfil them. As a result, small business owners may find themselves at a crossroads when it comes to the purchase of PCs, printers, laptops, mobile and tablets, and other technical equipment.

At Swiftech, we help businesses not only make the right purchasing decisions, but also assist them with the installation and configuration of their machines and devices. To ensure that they extract optimum value from their IT investment, we also help them keep up with the maintenance and repair needs of their IT infrastructure.

Here is an overview of the basic IT support services that we offer to small businesses and home-based clients include the following:

  • Desktop Upgrades — After conducting a thorough review of your technology needs, we suggest you desktops and laptops with the right specifications for your industry. Not only this, we supply and configure the machines so that they are ready for you to pick up and install.
  • Ongoing Maintenance — From updating software programs and configuring the right settings to conducting regular hardware checks, with complete ongoing software and hardware maintenance, we make sure that your computers are working at an optimal level.

Ready to upgrade your IT infrastructure? Let us help you with the purchase, installation, and maintenance of your IT equipment to make the process a breeze for you.

Get in touch with us today and let us provide you the best possible solution for your technology needs. Call us at 0800 500 083 or use our online contact form.